Ce qu'ils disent du CD "Uther Pendragon":

“This is an outstanding CD! Gilles Rocha shows all the aspects of a great virtuoso; dazzling technique, beautiful lyrical playing and imagination.  Above all, throughout this CD it’s felt that he’s having a great time on his baritone! This CD is true enjoyment, not just for the serious brass player.”

Thomas Ruedi


"Gilles is a youthful virtuoso, a Star of the Baritone, from the Treize Etoiles Band in Switzerland. With a wide range of music drawing out his skills and his natural talents to the best advantage, he can be heard with great enjoyment on this CD."


Howard Snell


"[...]Throughout the recording, Gilles Rocha displays cast-iron technique, which is mind-blowing at some points, especially when he displays an enviable command of the high register of the instrument.[...] The CD ends with a fun, multi-tracked piece named The Crazy Turkey., again put together by the soloist, a fittinf end to a very enjoyable release which will give the baritone players looking to improve their technique and high register something strive towards"

Robert Richardson, British Bandsman


This CD is by a Swiss baritone player named Gilles Rocha and features a nice balance of transcriptions and original pieces. Gilles shows us some of the advanced possibilities of the baritone horn as a solo instrument.

Dave Werden,